At Rubies in the Rubble, our entire business model is based on a few, core beliefs:
Make use of what you have, care about your resources, embrace imperfection. Pretty simple, really.
To help you waste less and live more sustainably, we have put together our favourite recipes,
top tips for reducing waste in your home, and guides on resourceful living for you to enjoy.
If you have ideas that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

Is a vegan diet sustainable?

A look at the pros & cons of a plant-based diet

Breakfast Burrito

Add some Smoky Chipotle for a delicious start to the day

Nut Butter Muesli Bar

A lil' something for your sweet tooth

FIIIIERY Mac and Cheese!

Spice up a comforting classic with our new ketchup!

Black Bean Stew

Alicia's Black Bean Stew with Top Banana atop!

    Sweetcorn fritters

    Jo's midweek perk-me-up meal!

    Squash and Chickpea Tagine

    Nibs etc. gets cooking with Top Banana!

    Once upon a Top Banana

    How Top Banana got it's print

    Sweet Potato Fries

    A quick and easy side dish using our Top Banana Ketchup!

    Chutney for Centrepoint

    The story behind our Centrepoint partnership

    Easy Christmas Pork Chops

    A delicious dish using our Christmas chutney!

    Food waste: the basic facts

    Get to grips with the key stats about food waste


    A delicious and easy nibble!

    Veg Peel Crisps

    Crispy goodness from waste!

    chutney challenge

    How to make chutney like a pro


    Reduce waste by getting to grips with your freezer!