Rubies founder, Jenny, started reading about the problem of food waste after
seeing the amount of discarded produce at fruit & veg markets across London.
Beautiful mangoes, cranberries & tomatoes... all headed for landfill, often because
they simply don’t look right.

Over 1/3 of All Produce never reaches our pates

Over 1/3 of All Produce never reaches our pates

This is equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes of food worldwide every year.
If we reduced this amount by just 1/4, there would be enough food to feed everybody
on the planet.

Preserving the planet

A dash of Experimentation

In developing countries there are high levels of unintentional wastage,
often due to poor equipment, transportation and infastructure.
In wealthy countries, high levels of food waste are caused by food being discarded by
consumers who have bought too much or by retailers because the produce doesn’t meet
aesthetic requirements.


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