Our founder, Jenny, started reading about the problem of food waste after
seeing the amount of discarded produce at fruit & veg markets across London.
Beautiful mangoes, cranberries & tomatoes all headed for landfill, often because
they simply didn't look right.

Over 1/3 of All Produce never reaches our pates

Although much of the discarded produce is perfectly edible, much is
thrown away due to aesthetic imperfections, over-forecasted demand or
inefficiency in storing & distributing.


Preserving the planet

The scale of the problem of food waste got Jenny thinking about what
could be done with all this surplus produce. Surely there was a way of
creating a delicious, first-class product using excess produce?

A dash of Experimentation

Armed with some family recipes and a car-bootful of rescued fruit & veg
from the New Covent Garden market, the experimentation in the kitchen
began! It wasn’t long before...

Rubies in the rubble hit the shelves