Top Toastie Tips from the Toastie Queen

 A grilled cheese toastie, the ultimate comfort food and relish's best friend. 

We crave them so often, we sought out the best advice on how to create an absolute winner. We spoke to our favourite Toastie queen, Carol Deeney, famed for her 'Macbeth' haggis toasties at her Broadway Market stall and Leyton café, Deeney's.


What are the essential components to a first class toastie?

It has to have something meaty, creamy, sweet and sharp.

The Macbeth haggis toastie has this great balance. The cheese melts in with the meat to give a great texture, then the hot English mustard cuts through the sweet onion. The rocket then gives you the bite and final colour.


MMMM...How did you first come up with the Haggis Toastie?

I started off creating different grilled cheese toasties but being a proud Scot I wanted to share my culture and it made sense to celebrate the fantastic foods from the national larder. Haggis and cheese was an absolute hit and we soon had a front runner for our hero product.


What are your favourite cheese and relish combinations?

Pink chilli & onion relish is such a good base for most sandwiches. It has the kick you need to cut through the cheese as well as the jam-like sweetness to mellow it out. You can't go wrong with some extra mature cheddar, emmental and onion chutney. Simple delights.

I love the crunch and spice of the Rubies London Piccalilli. It works so well with a soft mellow cheese. Marinaded courgettes, feta and piccalilli would work a treat. Great texture and flavour and not forgetting about a great explosion of colour!


Do you have a favourite recipe?

I love smoked cheese and think melted in a sandwich gives a lovely sweet and powerful flavour. I like to poach chicken breast in beer (we love Innis & Gunn whisky cask beer from Edinburgh) then melt smoked cheese in there with some spicy tomato relish, spinach and whole grain mustard.


What's the wildest toastie recipe you'd recommend?

An Italian employee told me Nutella and spicy 'ndjua sausage is a delight. Chilli chocolate and sweet and spicy sausages I know work, so I can definitely imagine it! I'd be tempted to throw in some silky creamy mozzarella too. Bella!


Hunt down her dreamy toasties all week at Deeney's in Leyton, Saturdays at Broadway Market and Sundays on Chatsworth Road. Follow for more banging ideas over on Twitter and Insta.