Pancake Day = Zero Waste Day

At Rubies, we love Pancake Day! Don’t be a tosser this year, make the most of your leftovers by using what’s in your cupboards. 

Here are our three food waste hacks to use when making your pancakes:

    1. 16 millions eggshells will be cracked today, why not scatter yours in flower pots and plants to naturally repel slugs and snails.
    2. We love our pancakes with a squirt of lemon and sugar. We also love to keep the lemon and zest up some peel to freeze to use in future recipes! Or you could even make some candied citrus peel sweets.
    3. Pancake overload? Freeze any extra for an easy snack. Make sure to separate them by placing parchment paper in between each so they don’t stick.

Top tip: double up on your waste-saving spree and add a dollop of our Top Banana!