Once upon a Top Banana

Move over tomato ketchup, Top Banana has arrived!

by Jenny Costa, Founder of Rubies in the Rubble

We’re saving Britain's favourite fruit from a mushy end with our NEW Top Banana ketchup.

It’s a huge sadness that, having travelled thousands of miles from Central and South America, many bananas never reach our bellies. They are thrown away for having fallen off the bunch, for having ripened a bit too fast or for being a little speckled. These are just the ones for us. We rescue them from the packing house where they’re sorted after their long journey by boat and pack 2 bananas into every bottle.

While the recipe has some origins in the West Indies with its ginger and chilli flavours, other inspiration came from my childhood on the west coast of Scotland.

Bananas were a much-loved topping, I had them with everything. It started off with curries, but before long banana wonder, as we dubbed it, became a daily staple.

Years later, when we discovered how many bananas were being wasted in the supermarket supply chain, I immediately thought of this banana wonder. We started off making a limited edition Hot Banana Chutney and soon realised it was a cult favourite, so we went away and improved perfection!

Now back as a ketchup, it recently won two stars at the Great Taste awards and is launching in Selfridges, on Ocado and you can also buy it with us here.

Wondrous with curries, jerk chicken and sweet potato fries. Check out my favourite dish here. You’d be a monkey not to try it!