As much as we love a good bargain, the frenzied phenomenon that is Black Friday sits somewhat uncomfortably with us. In a bid to reduce the amount of waste we produce, it's our mission to encourage people to value what they already have, instead of buying things we may not need or want. Plus the idea of getting crushed in an Argos stampede makes the decision to forgo Black Friday bargain hunting that much easier. 

So this Friday, we decided to celebrate all the forgotten treasures that we have hiding in our wardrobes, lurking under our beds and stashed away in the garage. Why Gold Friday you ask? For the simple fact that restoring old possessions to their former glory, or up-cycling things to make new things demanded a regal name..!

Why not join us today in choosing to relish your resources?

Here are our tips to get you inspired! 

1. DIY - If your idea of Do It Yourself conjures up stressful images of flat-pack disasters, then why not try some less taxing DIY projects. There are some amazing online resources with great ideas for fun projects to repurpose your existing possessions and add some unique décor to your home (check out this article for some ideas to get your started) . Why not re-use any old jars (perfect if you have some old Rubies jars lying around!) to make these beautiful yarn-wrapped painted jars?

2. Fix Your Relationship with Electronics - Instead of splashing out on the latest gadget, why not spend some time fixing and investing in your old appliances. The Restart Project is all about helping us value our electronics longer in order to move beyond our throw-away economy. They hold events where they help people fix their own electronics as well as looking to improve electronics the world over.

3. Finally, Buy Sustainably! If you are looking to get a head-start on Christmas shopping, there are some amazing brands that both look good and do good. We have teamed up with This Because, who are featuring the Rubies range in their pop-up in soho. They feature brands with a conscious like The Soap Co, Elvis & Kresse and Vélosophy. So whether you're looking for some new threads, some bath-time bubbles, or even a new pair of wheels to get around town, they've got you covered.