Fiery Buddha Bowl

 At Rubies HQ we've been in the condiment game long enough to know that a burger & chips is not the only way to enjoy a good dollop of ketchup. Our range is wonderfully versatile and you can enjoy each one as a dip, sauce, marinade, or even as a dressing. 

One of our favourite things to do when there's only a smidge of ketchup left in the bottle, is add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar (in a 3:1 ratio), give the bottle a good shake, and drizzle it over a salad. 

For a light lunch, we love to take the Buddha bowl and add a little heat. These bowls are really whatever you want them to be - you can add any different grains, vegetables or protein you like. We've filled this one with quinoa, chickpeas (roasted in our chipotle ketchup, natch), avo, kale and cabbage. Let us know what you're favourite combos are!