Chutney for Centrepoint

Rubies in the Rubble Director, Alicia, talks about why we chose to support Centrepoint this Christmas and the special chutney that’s raising funds to improve the lives of homeless young people.

“We think the work Centrepoint does with young people is amazing. We're a young team, and are all really thankful for the lucky starts we've had in life. I love that they offer 'more than just a bed', with ongoing support and life skills once they've helped them into homes. Being entirely focussed on young people means the impact of getting them off the streets and back on their feet is so much bigger - they have their whole lives ahead of them.  

We wanted to make a really special chutney this Christmas to support the work Centrepoint do. And, as usual, we had cheese on the brain! Pear, fig and port are all ingredients that works perfectly with stilton as the sweetness really cuts through the strong saltiness of the cheese. 

We started with some pear-shaped pears from Tendring Farms in Essex and based the recipe on an old recipe that Jenny's mum created. We then added our own twist by blending amazing and festive spices like cinnamon, turmeric, fresh ginger and orange zest. We then tried endless variations on this theme in my kitchen at home - cardamom, elderflower, and cloves were all tried out. The fig and port came out the clear winners thanks to the depth of flavour from the port and the texture from the fig seeds. 

There's no doubt that it is the king of the cheeseboard, which is why we made the label so shiny and gold - fit for a king! 

So if you're looking to relish Christmas, save some pears and support Centrepoint, then our festive chutney is surely too good to refuse!